Brian P. Wicks, MD

Orthopedic Defense Services, President

Brian is a nearly retired orthopedic surgeon who has spent his entire practice life in Kitsap County with The Doctors Clinic. The Library in Silverdale was one of the first services he and his family sought out when they arrived here in 1990.

With Brian’s career in the science world, his untold hours spent in libraries were always enjoyable, sharing, “The library was a quiet refuge where you could do serious work with minimal distraction, but still contemplate the effort of generations of physicians who had started their careers in similar surroundings.”

Brian continues, “The Silverdale Library building was inadequate for the growing community even back in 1990 and I was drawn to the effort to rally broad-based support for a new building which could be a focal point for the community. Since my joining the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation, I have found there are many like-minded individuals and with some creative thinking and networking we will have, next year, the library of my, and the community’s dreams.”

Understanding that Kitsap Regional Library plays such an important role in so many communities, Brian is excited to dedicate his efforts to help to modernize our regional libraries so that they can change with the times and support the educational and civic efforts of our county for generations to come.