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One Book, One Community

For more than 12 years, One Book, One Community has been a reading program meant to inspire civic dialogue by inviting the community to read one book and connect through a shared reading and learning experience. Each year, a book is carefully selected for the themes it offers and the potential conversations it can spark.

Last year, Matthew Desmond's Evicted was chosen to generate robust community discussions about housing insecurity and homelessness in Kitsap. Throughout this One Book, One Community, more than 1,400 people checked out Evicted and 1,100 copies were distributed to Library staff, community partners and neighbors, inspiring more than 900 people to join one of 41 community discussions.

The culminating event took place at the newly opened Central Kitsap Middle School and provided opportunities for reflection, education and community building conversations about housing in Kitsap.

A special thank you to the community partners who helped facilitate One Book, One Community and who so graciously contributed their time and talents at the final event.

Mary Hancock, Director, Dispute and Resolution Center

Sophie Morse, Training Coordinator, Dispute and Resolution Center

Marwan Cameron, Gather Together Grow Together

Kelsey Stedman, Kitsap Connect

Daniel Frederick, Coffee Oasis

Bridget Callahan-Glasspoole and Antoinette Preciado-Lacambra, Kitsap Mental Health

Kurt Wiest, Bremerton Housing Authority

Joel Adamson, Kitsap Homes of Compassion

Kirsten Jewell, Kitsap County Human Services, Housing and Homelessness Division


One Book, One Community is made possible largely through donor support. Thank you for helping meet the Library's fundamental goals of inspiring civic dialogue in Kitsap and building community across our diverse audiences and institutions.