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To the Library

Since 2007, the Library has collaborated with Kitsap schools and community organizations to offer this fieldtrip program that has become a rite of passage for local third graders.

Third grade is a critical milestone in a child's education. It is the year students transition from learning to read to reading to learn. Children who successfully make the leap to fluent reading continue to learn exponentially. To the Library supports our school partners in empowering Kitsap kids to reach this critical milestone.

Last year, the pandemic changed the way the Library delivered many services, including To the Library. With schools closed, students and families missed building critical connections with their public library. As Kitsap begins to reopen, the Library is building new ways to bring this critical program to students.

Your generosity helps the Library continue meaningful relationships with teachers, students and families while building awareness of, and excitement for, all that libraries offer. Thank you for supporting the success of our Kitsap students!