Ilys Hernandez

Retired Child Psychiatric Social Worker

Ilys graduated from Sultan High School in Sultan, WA. When the school burned down the students were housed for some years in a CCC Camp on the Sultan River. There was no school library. She credits the bookmobile for being her primary academic resource and her lifeline to the world and has been an ardent library fan ever since.

She lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. During that time Ilys was a parent educator in a Cooperative Nursery Schools with her five children, worked at a small hospital in Petaluma, was the executive secretary to the Marin County Human Rights Commission and went on to be an executive assistant at Crocker Bank in San Francisco. When the bank merged with Wells Fargo she returned to Washington and forged a new career, returning to school and earning her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Master of Social Work from the University of Washington. Ilys then spent the next 26 years as a child psychiatric social worker at the Child Study & Treatment Center in Lakewood, WA.

Ilys has travelled in Europe, Mexico and Canada and many U.S. locations. Her interests include cooking, gardening, theater, classical music and art. She credits her many grandchildren for providing a baseline that is useful in her work with troubled children and her personal trainer for keeping her moving. Her favorite reads include: “Travels in West Africa,” by Mary Kingsley, “Spying on the South,” by Tony Horwitz, “The Library Book,” by Susan Orlean, “Andrew Carnegie,” by David Nasaw and Emily Dickinson’s poetry.