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Summer Learning

Summer Learning supports early literacy, community engagement and informal, interest based learning while also celebrating the joy of reading through fun, educational activities.


One Book, One Community

One Book, One Community is a shared reading experience that promotes literacy, fosters connection and sparks civic engagement and discourse within our community.


To The Library

To The Library supports early literacy by connecting third graders in Kitsap to the Library as they make the critical transition from learning to read to reading to learn.


Capital Projects

Capital improvement projects ensure our libraries are vibrant, welcoming spaces designed with the flexibility to meet community needs now and for generations to come.

Making a Difference

With your help, the Library enriches lives and strengthens our community, making Kitsap a better place for us all. Each year, the Foundation provides unrestricted funds to the Library. Your unrestricted gift allows the Library to be agile and respond quickly to the community's changing needs, helping to expand programs, services, and resources and ensuring the system-wide programs are fully funded.

Current Priorities & Initiatives

Unrestricted Gifts
Branch, Collection
& Program Support
Endowment Fund

Library Impact

As one of the most critical forms of social infrastructure we have, public libraries help raise the education levels of society as a whole and serve as cornerstones in thriving communities. Kitsap Regional Library is a community center for growth and learning for over 270,000 Kitsap residents. It is a place to read, meet and collaborate, and a resource for small businesses. For youth, it provides after-school activities, early job skill development and invaluable support for teachers and parents alike. Our Library is open to all and actively seeks partnerships that connect patrons with the resources they need to flourish.

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