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It's Time!

It's time we embark on a campaign to inspire community support for a new library in Port Orchard.

Our campaign theme is “It’s Time.” It’s time that downtown Port Orchard has a beautiful modern new library as Port Orchard begins a process to revitalize downtown. 


It's time for these important efforts in creating a reimagined Port Orchard, with the Library being the cornerstone, welcoming the community, improving residents’ lives and inspiring community pride.

Kitsap Regional Library fosters community and social connections across Kitsap County by providing essential “third places” for County residents and visitors. The Port Orchard Library is one of those “third places,” serving nearly 6,000 visitors each month and registering the most new users in the region.

Originally retrofitted from an old post office building, Port Orchard’s current library is outdated, with structural challenges and limitations.


The rigid design does not provide the flexible spacing that modern libraries need to support reading, child and parent interactions, teen spaces, program spaces and access to free community meeting rooms. 

That’s why the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation is embarking on a campaign to build a new modern library for Port Orchard, which will be located inside the new Port Orchard Community Event Center (POCEC).

The new library is a critical part of a larger master plan to reimagine and revitalize downtown Port Orchard.


We're excited and honored to be a part of this project that involves multiple partners and projects.  

We're excited and honored to be a part of the master plan to renovate and revitalize downtown Port Orchard. This campaign involves multiple partners and projects, with much of the funding already secured.  We invite you to learn more about these projects and the dream we're building. 

"This project, including both the library and the events center, is a game changer for Port Orchard. We are honored to be a part of the revitalization of the downtown community. The new space will be a point of pride for Port Orchard and a place of economic and social vitality where residents can meet, learn, and grow together."

- Jason Driver Library Director, Kitsap Regional Library

The new Port Orchard Library will improve the visitor experience and draw in and inspire South Kitsap residents.


The Library includes an open-concept design built for the 21st Century library user, a go-to gathering space for South Kitsap, and spaces that will engage the region’s youth and families.

- Shannon Peterson Deputy Library Director, Public Services Kitsap Regional Library

"There is lots of love for the Port Orchard Library, and that's only going to increase when we move to a brand new facility. When we built libraries in Kingston and Silverdale, we saw how the new facilities draw people in, and we saw new people coming in a huge demand for our resources and the building's meeting spaces.


The new libraries transformed these communities. That's the dream and hope for this project as well."

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Many Ways to Make a Gift

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Make a Difference

Private philanthropy not only helps leverage public funding, but it also ensures the new library is fully equipped and ready to meet the needs of residents. Community support over the past decade has enabled Kitsap Regional Library to create exceptional new facilities and offer innovative programming beyond what tax-funding alone could accomplish.

Become a Campaign Sponsor

Are you a local business who is interested in helping us build a beautiful, new modern library for your community? Consider becoming a sponsor and be a part of the revitalization of the Port Orchard waterfront.  

Campaign Updates

Stay up-to-date on our Silverdale Campaign progress and learn more about ways to help us reach our goal.

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