In 2018, Kitsap Regional Library and Central Kitsap School District launched a partnership to relocate the Silverdale library to the south end of the Central Kitsap High School campus. With two schools, multiple sports fields and tennis courts, a 900-seat auditorium and a family-friendly walking trail, the campus is expertly focused on enriching our community's kids. With a new public library, this campus becomes an invaluable place for the whole community.


At 12,000 sq. ft, the new library will be more than double the size. With dedicated space for children, tweens and teens and community meeting and study rooms, it will dramatically improve the experience of visiting patrons. Patrons will enjoy increased access to computers and more books, music and movies available for check out. And the new location offers much-needed parking, improving access for everyone.

“We know that this community has been waiting for a new library for generations. This will set a new standard in Kitsap County for what a library can be.”

- Jill Jean, Library Director

Thank you to all who have invested in the Campaign for a New Library in Silverdale to date. Through your generosity, we have raised 90 percent of our 5.5-million-dollar goal. It is time for our fundraising campaign's final phase, the launch of the Community Campaign for a New Library in Silverdale. The Friends of the Silverdale Library (FOSL) started us off with a $100,000 gift to the Campaign and have challenged the community to match it. Together we can do this!

Creating New Stories

Each of us has a library story—some way our lives have been affected, connected or inspired. We knew we needed a new Library in Silverdale more than thirty years ago and the Central Kitsap population has steadily increased since then. Still, this little library has been central to our story, inspiring learning, connecting people and building a thriving community. In order to meet the ever-growing community needs, it is time to write the next chapter and create new stories by building a new Library in Silverdale.

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Community Campaign for a New Library in Silverdale

The Friends of the Silverdale Library have kicked off the Community Campaign for a New Library in Silverdale with a generous $100,000 donation and have challenged the community to match their gift! 

The Friends of the Silverdale Library (FOSL) have been supporting the Silverdale Branch for nearly 70 years. This all-volunteer group relies on used book sales to provide critical funding for the Library. While FOSL’s primary purpose is to support library programs, they have also provided capital funding for building projects over the years. 

The Friends love that their purpose is two-fold; they are able to provide people in the community, like teachers and families, with low-cost books to enjoy while also raising much-needed funds for programs offered at the Silverdale Branch. They enjoy working with Ashley Oaksmith, the Branch Manager at Silverdale. The Friends are happy to provide the additional support Ashley needs to start new programs and keep existing programs running well.


The current Library in Silverdale has not adequately served the needs of the community for some time. FOSL began preparing for a new library from the moment the need was identified over thirty years ago. Through their book sales they saved; one nickel, quarter and dollar at a time, accumulating a nest egg for the new Library which they are so excited to share with the community.

Right now, one of the greatest needs in Silverdale is a new library. We were so happy to be able to provide $100,000 toward the Community Campaign and hope the community accepts our challenge to match our gift!”

- Friends of the Silverdale Library

Please join the campaign today and help us meet the Friends challenge!

Friends of the Silverdale Library

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