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Share Your Library Story

Each of us has a story of how the library has changed our lives. Yours may be a special memory from your childhood, a deep connection at a critical point in your life or a smile from a staff member that brightened your day. We want to hear about it! We hope you will share your story today.

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"My family has been going to see Emmon and Ollie at the Port Orchard Library for their Storytimes for over a year now. They are absolutely incredible, and always go the extra mile to make my family feel at home. They know my kids by name, (even my oldest who is usually at school and can't attend most of the time). My oldest is 6 and reads middle school chapter books, we struggle to find age appropriate books that can still challenge her, Emmon always loves to help find the perfect books for her. She will recommend series, help us find them, and my daughter is always so excited to see what new books Emmon has for her. My youngest loves the singing groups and storytimes that they offer. Ollie and Emmon always take the time to interact with her. And when their prize was a cookie for a recent reading challenge, and Emmon found out that my youngest had a SEVERE allergy, she actually took the time to give her a special prize just for her. It was the sweetest gesture ever, we tell everyone to come see them and love both of them dearly. We LOVE our Librarians!"


"I cannot say enough good things about my beloved KRL Downtown Branch librarians. They all seem happy to be there, provide knowledgeable and patient assistance, and I was dazzled by their ability to get books to me when the pandemic restricted access. Although she is now at Poulsbo instead of Downtown, my gratitude to Manager Pam Crowe is profound. Also, Priya and Kristin are two Downtown librarians I especially enjoy interacting with. Please accept my deep gratitude for KRL librarians and all they do to keep my voracious reading habits satisfied."


"We attend the Baby Storytime every Wednesday. Marcia and Kathleen are absolutely amazing! We LOVE them. My daughter Kyoko literally runs up to Marcia every time to give her a great big hug. I love that Kathleen and Marcia know exactly who we are, take the time to get to know us and make my family feel so loved. They even know my oldest daughter's name who isn't able to attend things most of the time since she is in school. I love that they always play with my kids, help them learn, and give them so much love! We can't recommend these librarians enough. They're amazing!"


"What can I say about Octavia?! She's incredible! She gave me an amazing tour of the library and then helped me get to know my library card and how to check out holds, etc. She gives superb recs and you are lucky to have her!"


"Thank you staff for your hard work and dedication. The public truly deserves to know the true work and care that goes into our library system. <3"


"Thank you for your helpful and positive attitudes and dedication to improving our community."


"This library is wonderful, open and caring! I have especially enjoyed checking out special items like the telescope. Keep up all the amazing work!"


"Everyone is always so kind and helpful. I am on a very limited budget and so appreciate this library. Thank you!"


"The whole team is always so helpful and accommodating when we are using the facilities to help our employees! Thank you!"


"Narda!!! She's a rockstar at the front counter and helping patrons find what they are looking for. Talk about an amazing smile to see upon entry."


"My husband and I have been patrons of the downtown branch for many years. It is our favorite branch, in large part due to the team we have come to know over time. Jillian, Kathy, Kirstin and Priya have always assisted us with professionalism, an willingness to help, smiles and good humor (sometimes in short supply in our world these days.) Thanks to all of you - you are the BEST!"

John & Claudia

"KRL Sylvan Way branch has been a pillar of our community and family since we moved to Kitsap County in 2013. We are especially grateful for preschool and school age reading activities, children's librarians are the best! Thank you, KRL staff for making libraries safe and fun for our kids!"


"We <3 Lynn! She's amazing! She feels like our friend!"

The Altaffers

"You Rock :) "

D. Hamilton

"I have been in the Library only a few times and the staff have always been welcoming, extremely helpful and knowledgeable."


We have been grateful recipients of the KRL system outreach program, via the amazing Liz Ochoa and her team, for over 4 years of monthly delivery to my dear Mom at Harbor House memory care facility. The books are beautiful and appropriate… And fun! Plus, the "Dear Friend" notes are spectacular! May that all receive the news that their news/wishes are spectacular! <3 Oh, joy! 

PS Just made a happy donation online...<3

Kay and Carl

"Workers/librarians here are always friendly, welcoming and helpful! I appreciate how tidy they keep the library as well."


"One thing I like about this library is it's nice and big and the library staff are very nice. I enjoy the book sale. I like the game board table. I appreciate the library staff helping me. It's a great place for anybody to come to."


"Silverdale has absolutely the best team! Everyone is fabulous and so helpful."


"I appreciate the kindness and understanding of the staff. Enjoyed the cleanliness and atmosphere. Thank you once again for Emmon helping with my accommodations."


"Laura and Kyla are awesome! hey have excellent/sweet attitudes, and are more than willing to help me get movie bundles since Covid and do so well at it for my mother."


"Staff are always engaging and friendly, access to a wide array of books from queer and POC and disabled authors, supports youth education, vital foundation for Kitsap community, I especially appreciate displays of books based on theme/subject that rotate."


"Thank you so much for your work! You're always kind and helpful that there's an amazing, loving and caring atmosphere! Thank you."


"Staff at Sylvan Way thank you for your constant support. I know I can count on your branch to assist: ebook questions, USB drive disfunction, and responsiveness to my questions. I appreciate you!"


"Thank you to Virginia! She is always so friendly and helpful!"


"Ann is wonderful!


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“We have been grateful recipients of the KRL system outreach program, via the amazing Liz Ochoa and her team, for over 4 years of monthly delivery to my dear Mom at Harbor House memory care facility. The books are beautiful and appropriate… And fun! Plus, the "Dear Friend" notes are spectacular! May that all receive the news that their news/wishes are spectacular! <3 Oh, joy!”

PS Just made a happy donation online...<3

Kay & Carl

“When I was young and growing up in a chaotic family the library was my sanctuary - still is. The library helped me to form dreams, to learn about the world and brought me out of heartache, poverty and depression. Love my library.”


“While moving to five states in five years (due to being active duty military), I could always rely on the local library to be a warm and inviting community. (Great parking, books & wifi) I love my stack of library cards from everywhere I’ve lived!”

Claire Trettin

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