Share Your Library Story

Each of us has a story of how the library has changed our lives. Yours may be a special memory from your childhood, a deep connection at a critical point in your life or a smile from a staff member that brightened your day. We want to hear about it! We hope you will share your story today.

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Share Your Library Story

Thanks for sharing your story!

By clicking Submit, I hereby grant Kitsap Regional Library and the Foundation permission to use my story in any print materials, online and social media platforms, in-branch displays or broadcasted media as deemed appropriate by Library officials for the purpose of publicizing and promoting the Library.

“I’ve always loved the Library! The Library is a community’s home and heart. Being a library patron has allowed me to travel the world while sitting still and to explore the dreams of other people.”

Adrienne Bennett

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“When I was young and growing up in a chaotic family the library was my sanctuary - still is. The library helped me to form dreams, to learn about the world and brought me out of heartache, poverty and depression. Love my library.”


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“While moving to five states in five years (due to being active duty military), I could always rely on the local library to be a warm and inviting community. (Great parking, books & wifi) I love my stack of library cards from everywhere I’ve lived!”

Claire Trettin