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March Newsletter

Learning in the Library Spotlight

Today, we're excited to celebrate another achievement from the Library with the new Prime Time Family Reading program. Made possible by a generous grant from Humanities Washington, this initiative serves families with elementary-school-aged children who could benefit from participating in a reading program together with their families. This is especially impactful now as children work to recover academically following the pandemic. Families learn how to discuss ethical and cultural themes and connect big ideas in children's literature with their lived experiences. Prime Time brings families together to share the joy of reading and engage in meaningful discussions, fostering a lifelong love for learning among our youngest members.

In collaboration with the North Kitsap School District, Kitsap Regional Library launched a bilingual Prime Time series designed to bring Spanish-speaking families together to experience storytelling and discussion, promoting literacy and a passion for reading. Through programs like Prime Time Family Reading, the Library builds strong community partnerships while inspiring the next generation of thinkers, dreamers, and doers. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Humanities Washington for making this program possible.  

Kitsap Great Give

We’re excited to take part in the upcoming return of Kitsap Great Give on April 16. This awesome fundraising event connects our community in united support of the fantastic work done by our local nonprofits. For 24 hours, you can elevate a local cause near and dear to your heart. 

Early giving starts on April 1, leading to the 24-hour fundraising rally on April 16. We invite you to save the date and join us in giving.  

Library Giving Day

On Wednesday, April 3, share your love of Kitsap Regional Library by giving a gift on Library Giving Day. Through your support, we can help fund the programs and services that support literacy, foster connections, and uplift lives.

Author Talk with Jonathan Evison

On Monday, April 8, New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Evison will visit the Silverdale branch for an evening of conversation about his latest novels “Again and Again” and “Small World,” with book signings to follow.

Shout out to Ballast Book Company!

Sometimes, our love for a book is so profound that we want to keep it forever. Fortunately, our partner, Ballast Book Company, allows community members to direct their 5% reward earnings for purchases toward the Kitsap Regional Library Foundation. 

To use, mention Kitsap Regional Library Foundation at the register or in the comments section for online purchases. Now, not only can you enjoy new additions to your home library, but you can support our Library at the same time. 

As flowers bloom, so can your legacy of giving.

This spring, transform your passion for libraries into a lasting legacy. By including Kitsap Regional Library Foundation in your will, you support the expansion of educational programs, access to literature, and community resources. Your gift ensures future generations have the opportunity to thrive.

There are many reasons to consider creating a will:

  • Ensure your wishes are honored: Creating a will ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes, minimizing confusion and potential conflicts among your heirs.

  • Support causes you care about: By including charitable organizations like Kitsap Regional Library Foundation in your will, you continue to support the causes and programs that are important to you.

  • Leave a meaningful legacy: Your will is an opportunity to leave a lasting impact on your community and future generations, ensuring that your values and priorities endure beyond your lifetime.

Please note that Kitsap Regional Library and Kitsap Regional Library Foundation do not dispense legal, investment or tax advice and advise that you consult with your attorney or other advisors to ensure that your will meets your individual needs.

Sponsor Spotlight

A big shout out to Gesa Credit Union for their renewed sponsorship support! Gesa’s commitment not only helps our Library thrive but also ensures that our community benefits from the Library’s vital resources, programs and opportunities.

Thank you, Gesa Credit Union, for your continued generosity and dedication to Kitsap Regional Library! 📚💙 

Become a Library Sponsor

We invite you to help us support the needs of Kitsap Regional Library through becoming a Library sponsor. Sponsorship gifts ensure the Library can maintain and expand on the programs, services, resources and spaces that your community needs. And by being a sponsor, your organization will be recognized for the generous contributions you make to the future of Library services in Kitsap. 


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